Brad Pitt Spirals Into the Void in ‘Ad Astra’ Mondo Poster

Director James Gray’s ambitious space odyssey “Ad Astra” was released back in September, and while its Oscar and year-end buzz has quieted, the science-fiction epic has all the makings of a cult classic to be revered for eternity.

In tribute to the film starring Brad Pitt as an astronaut and lonely island of a man on a dark night of the soul across the cosmos on an elusive mission, illustrator Greg Ruth has created a Mondo poster that captures the dizzying spirit of Gray’s cosmic tone poem.

Check out the full poster, exclusive to IndieWire, below.“I was lucky enough to catch ‘Ad Astra’ in the theaters early on, and fell in love with the themes of the film right away,” said Ruth.

“It’s rare to see a film set in this uncompromising, expansive landscape that is so vast and overwhelming tell a story that is at all times quiet,

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