Bradley Cooper Proved Instrumental in ‘Joker’ Editing Room: ‘He Was a Huge Help’

A Star Is Born” was Warner Bros.’ big Oscar contender at the 2019 Academy Awards, and this year the studio landed the most Oscar nominations for a single film with comic book movie “Joker,” which is set to compete in 11 categories when the ceremony takes place next month.

What do these two Warner Bros.

Oscar power players have in common? The answer is Bradley Cooper.

The “A Star Is Born” filmmaker served as a producer on “Joker,” but it turns out his role was much greater and more hands on than some fans might expect.

“Joker” editor Jeff Groth recently told Collider that Cooper was an instrumental figure in the “Joker” editing room.“We kept this one pretty close to us,” Groth said when asked about test screening the film.

“We screened it more personally for people and filmmakers.

Bradley Cooper definitely came in a couple of times.

He was a producer on the movie,

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