BreakThru Films Bewitches Annecy Film Festival With ‘The Peasants’

On Friday, the team at BreakThru Films behind “The Peasants” – producer Sean Bobbitt, filmmaker Dorota Kobiela and writer-producer Hugh Welchman – took the stage at an Annecy Work in Progress screening to reveal to the world just what they’ve been working on since turning an experimental hand-painted biopic, 2017’s “Loving Vincent,” into one of the most profitable Polish films of all time.If you thought the BreakThru Films team might take it easy, however, think again.

With “The Peasants,” Kobiela – this time taking the sole director’s credit, after sharing it with Welchman on “Loving Vincent” – has adapted Władysław Reymont’s Nobel Prize winning novel that is as beloved in its native Poland as it is little read in other parts of the world.Kobiela, who read the 800 page Polish novel as a student and had listened to the audiobook – all 40 hours of it – while working on several different projects,

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