Brendan Fraser Was Floored By The Rage Sadie Sink Brought To The Whale

One of the most beloved actors around these days is Brendan Fraser, who is the source of a ridiculous amount of compassion and humble energy and has inspired the rarest of rare things: positivity on the internet.

People love Fraser, they’re cheering him on and celebrating his successes, which all comes to a head with his certainly award-worthy performance in Darren Aronofsky’s “The Whale.” Fraser plays Charlie, a 600-lb.

man whose mortality is staring him dead in the face who takes it upon himself to reach out to those who should be closest to him, namely his daughter, played by “Stranger Things” breakout star Sadie Sink.In a recent interview conducted by his “Airheads” co-star, Adam Sandler for Variety, Fraser talks about his career and about the process of making “The Whale.” The actor specifically hones in on the incredible talent of his young co-star and the raw intensity she brought to the performance.

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