‘Bridge and Tunnel’ Review: Edward Burns’ Low-Key Post-Grad Comedy Thrives on Big Questions

Intent on living up to its name immediately, “Bridge and Tunnel,” starts with a young couple bursting into a dingy bar bathroom to have reunion sex on the sink.

Jimmy (Sam Vartholomeos) and Jill (Caitlin Stasey) split long ago in their short lives, after she identified that they were headed in opposite directions.

Jimmy has a one-way ticket out of town, after landing a coveted photography job with National Geographic, while Jill is happy to bounce back and forth between their small hometown in Long Island and the big-city life in Manhattan, as she patiently figures out what’s next.

But, as young love tends to do, their attraction brings them back together for one more night in the local tavern’s single occupancy bathroom.Will they stay together? Will they break up again? Will they harbor minor or major regrets over whatever decision they ultimately make, only to look

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