‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Review: ‘He Said, She Said’ Shows Progress For Comedies Talking #MeToo

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Season 6 Episode 8, “He Said, She Said.”]While the #MeToo era is, at this point, well-established, many TV shows are still trying to figure out the best ways to address the issues raised — and also, for comedies, be funny at the same time.

Given that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has already tackled issues like racial profiling, Lgbtq issues, and police corruption, the machinery was in place to delve into sensitive topics, and so this week’s episode, “He Said, She Said,” was able to take it on head-first.The episode, marking the directorial debut of series star Stephanie Beatriz, doesn’t start off as a story about subtleties — the Nine-Nine is called to investigate an incident at a “Wolf of Wall Street”-esque firm where a broker ended up with a broken penis.

He says his female co-worker “flipped out”; she says he was trying to assault her and she retaliated.

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