Bryan Fuller Views ‘Hannibal’ Streaming on Netflix as the Ticket to Getting Season 4 Made

Ever since “Hannibal” started streaming on Netflix in June, fans across the world have been wondering whether or not the streaming giant would resurrect the series for a fourth season just as Netflix has done with “Lucifer,” “Arrested Development,” and more.

It turns out series creator Bryan Fuller is wondering the same exact thing.

Fuller has long been outspoken about wanting to make “Hannibal” Season 4, and he tells Collider in a new interview that he’s hopeful getting the first three seasons of “Hannibal” on Netflix will be the ticket to new episodes.“What I love about Netflix platforming the show now is there’s an opportunity for it to be seen as a Netflix show and maybe that will reconfigure their appetite, so to speak,” Fuller said about Netflix signing on for more “Hannibal.” “But nobody has said anything to me, and believe me, like the nickel hooker on

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