Bucket Hats Are Having a Hollywood Moment — Here Are the Best Bucket Looks For Right Now

If anyone is able to make a self-deprecating and comically bad action hero named Lady Bug swoon-worthy it’s Brad Pitt, whose most embarrassing moments in “Bullet Train” (like getting sprayed in the face with a bidet or losing his train ticket within minutes) is made just an ounce less cringe by the coolness factor afforded to him by a stylish outfit — namely, a floppy white bucket hat and wide-rimmed glasses that remain his staple accessories throughout most of the film.The first time you see Pitt without the floppy headwear is when it’s forced off him while in a showdown against Bad Bunny in a desolate train cabin (Bad Bunny is one of the first casualties as half a dozen assassins attempt to kill each other on board the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto to get their hands on a briefcase full of cash).

Once Lady Bug

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