Busan: A.R. Rahman ‘Le Musk’ Directing Debut in Post-Production

Oscar-winning Indian composer A.R.

Rahman (“Slumdog Millionaire”) is now in post-production with his directorial debut “Le Musk.” The film is a multi-sensory Virtual Reality experience, with haptic touch experiences and a sense of smell.Rahman developed the story from an original idea by his wife Sairaa and directed from a screenplay by Gurachi Phoenix, besides composing the score.“ ‘Le Musk” is almost 80% done,” Rahman told Variety, while at the Busan International Film Festival to unveil his screenwriting and producing debut “99 Songs.” “It is a 70-minute 360 degree 3D sensory experience.

There are three episodes.

Because of the quality we are getting, which everybody seems to be surprised at, we all got the faith that it is worth doing it right, cleaning up every frame.

It is on 60 frames per second.”The production used Disney-backed Vr startup Jaunt’s One cameras.

However Jaunt’s Vr business model proved unsuccessful and

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