‘Call Me by Your Name’ Writer Details His Falling Out with Luca Guadagnino, Plus Shia Labeouf’s Audition

Call Me By Your Name” screenwriter James Ivory has called out Luca Guadagnino in the past for removing full frontal nudity from the Oscar-winning gay romance, and now he’s going into more detail about his falling out with the Italian director.

In Ivory’s new memoir, “Solid Ivory” (via GQ magazine), the writer claims he was dropped from being co-director of “Call Me By Your Name” without any notice.

Ivory wrote the script and boarded the project as co-director.“The last time I saw Luca was before [filming] began, in New York, when I still believed I was co-directing with him; we joked about what might happen if we got into an argument on set, and laughed about it,” Ivory writes.

“I made plans to go to Crema after the Cannes Film Festival in May, where the restored ‘Howards End’ was to be shown.”“And then I was dropped.


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