‘Call My By Your Name’ Producer Rodrigo Teixeira Files Motion to Dismiss Fraud Lawsuit

The legal battle between Brazilian producer Rodrigo Teixeira (“Call Me By Your Name”) and his former business partner Luiz Mussnich has heated up.An October lawsuit filed by Mussnich and another by his brother-in-law Carlos Randolpho Gros in Brazil, alleged that Teixeira wooed well-to-do Brazilian investors through the years but the bulk of the funds he received, allegedly amounting to some $16 million, were unaccounted for, with no adequate documentation to show where they were spent, thereby accusing him of running a pyramid scheme.In a motion filed Tuesday, just days before Christmas, Teixeira of Rt Features, through law firm Glaser Weil, moved to dismiss the fraud lawsuit issued by Mussnich in a U.S.

court.“Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones,” his memorandum of points and authorizations begins, which is asserting that Mussnich had “received a five-year prison sentence from the Brazilian government for securities and tax fraud.

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