‘Call of the Wild’ Is No Box-Office Dog, Lands on the Heels of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’

Weekend box office dropped post-Presidents Day, by the margin expected — but with an unexpected combination of results.

Call of the Wild” performed far better than predicted and nearly beat out “Sonic-the-Hedgehog-2020-movie-posters/”>Sonic the Hedgehog” in week two.

The pre-weekend consensus had the canine classic remake to gross in the teens, with the video game hitting closer to $30 million.

Instead, the estimated margin is under $2 million, with “Sonic” ahead at $26.3 million.Those two family-oriented titles made up about half the business, a big reason the weekend overall fell 20%.

Recent openers have been weak to disastrous and while these two films were credible, they didn’t quite fill the void.Year-to-date grosses are a little over $1.6 billion, around $180 million better than the same date in 2019.

That’s a healthy uptick of about 12%.The downward trend could continue next weekend with only one new wide release (“Invisible Man” from Universal), but Pixar with “Onward

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