Can Halle Berry Be the First Woman to Direct Herself to an Acting Nomination for ‘Bruised’?

Halle Berry, the sole Black woman to win the best actress Oscar in 93 years, has unveiled her directorial debut film “Bruised” at the AFI Film Festival, showcasing a commitment and skill that only the very best actors in the world can harness.Written by debut screenwriter Michelle Rosenfarb, “Bruised” tells the story of Jackie Justice, a disgraced Mma fighter that seeks redemption once the son that she abandoned reenters her life.In probably her most challenging and authoritative work as an actress since “Monster’s Ball” (2001), Berry shows that at 55 years old, she still harnesses the talent and enthusiasm to take on any role or story she’s excited about.

Fearless as she dives into a character, Berry explores Jackie’s physicality and the profession of Mma fighting itself.

This is something the actors’ branch tends to appreciate.

No female director has ever directed themselves to an Oscar nomination for acting.

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