Cannes 2022 Award Winners, from ‘Triangle of Sadness’ to Oscar-Bound Vicky Krieps

What does winning a prize at Cannes mean in the long run? It depends on which one — the Palme d’Or and acting prizes have more impact than any of the nine awards.

For every Penélope Cruz in “Volver” or Rooney Mara in “Carol,” who went on to Oscar nominations, there’s a Renate Reinsve, who rode a surge of nominations for “Worst Person in the World,” but got no Oscar mention.A Cannes prize can help a Screenplay winner like “Boy from Heaven” to land distribution, including in North America.

And it boosts a film’s chances of being submitted for the Oscar by its home country, although neither Swedish-Egyptian filmmaker Tarik Saleh’s “Boy from Heaven” nor Iranian-Danish Ali Abbasi’s “Holy Spider,” which won Best Actress for Zar Amir Ebrahimi as a journalist fighting for justice for slain prostitutes, will be submitted by Egypt or Iran, respectively.

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