Cannes: ‘Everybody Knows’ Director Asghar Farhadi Pleads With Iran to Allow Filmmaker Jafar Panahi to Attend Fest

At the conclusion of Wednesday’s morning Cannes press conference for Asghar Farhadi’s latest film, the festival opener “Everybody Knows,” the Iranian filmmaker snuck in one last comment, unprompted by the assembled crowd of international press or his starry cast of heavy-hitters like Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.

After the conference wrapped, the “A Separation” filmmaker requested to have his microphone back, so that he could issue a comment on a situation clearly close to his heart.“I thought perhaps we could go on to one last point,” he said.

Farhadi pointed out that his is not the only Iranian film in competition this year, but that his fellow countryman Jafar Panahi was not in attendance to support his film “Three Faces” because of his ongoing house arrest in 2011 for charges of making propaganda.The “Offside” and “The Circle” filmmaker was also banned by his own country from making films for twenty years,

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