“Can’t You Just Act Like A Human Boy”? Reappreciating The Exasperated Comedic Horror Of ‘Clifford’

While the nightmare child from hell genre has received its due (“Problem Child” and “Dennis The Menace” being two prominent troublemakers), perhaps none is as demented and strangely twisted like 1994’s Orion Pictures’ notorious bomb and mostly-disregarded comedy “Clifford.”Upon its release, “Clifford” was a widely derided comedy, savagely panned by critics and ignored by audiences.

In the decades since its rather brief theatrical run, “Clifford” has emerged as a cult classic with a fervent fanbase so loud that the film was screened as part of this year’s Turner Classic Movies Film Festival, with Short himself looking back at the misunderstood comedy…well, “classic,” may go to far, but you get the point (see below)Comedian Martin Short is a unique performer, and much like a souped-up guitar amp from “Spinal Tap,” he almost always goes to 11.Continue reading “Can’t You Just Act Like A Human Boy”? Reappreciating

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