‘Captain Marvel’ Triggers Fanboys With Extended ‘What, No Smile?’ Scene, Proving Its Point

A Twitter troll’s outrage is never spent, it seems.Fanboys across Twitter shed many fanboy tears about a deleted scene that Marvel Studios released to promote the June home entertainment release of “Captain Marvel.” It’s an extended and alternate version of a scene already in the movie, in which Captain Marvel has landed on 1990s earth and is reading a map to find her way around Los Angeles, when a testosterone-addled jerk on a motorcycle pulls up next to her and catcalls her.

He even asks “What, no smile?”In this version of the scene, the Captain offers him a handshake, demonstrates her iron grip, and asks for his bike lest he should lose his hand.

He quickly relents.

It plays a lot like any scene from the Terminator franchise where an outsider to present-day earth uses some aggressive negotiation tactics to get what they need — but with

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