Carter Burwell Remembers the ‘No Country for Old Men’ Score That Never Was

Oscar-nominated composer Carter Burwell has been at the Coen Brothers’ side since their explosive 1984 debut “Blood Simple,” and that will include writer/director Joel Coen’s solo effort, “Macbeth-1971-movie-posters/”>The Tragedy of Macbeth” starring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand.

In a recent conversation with IndieWire, Burwell, who’s currently in the Emmys race for the soundtracks to “The Morning Show” and “Space Force,” talked about what he’s seen so far of “Macbeth” and reflected on scoring another Coen classic, 2007’s “No Country for Old Men.”“Joel shot at least half of it and he has sent me some footage in the last week,” Burwell said of the Shakespeare adaptation from A24, which began filming in Los Angeles in early February; production was halted in late March.

“I’ve read the script, and it’s not like they changed the story from what’s in the play.

But it’s different.

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