Casino Royale is a busted flush. Five better Bond films for Secret Cinema

The immersive film team are dusting off the martini shakers and tight blue trunks to mount a Casino Royale experience.

But which 007 movies might have made for more pressing engagements?When it comes to de luxe site-specific film screenings with steeply priced cocktail menus, nobody does it better than Secret Cinema.

So it was only a matter of time before the pre-eminent curator of immersive movie experiences would tackle the world’s most famous agent provocateur.

Its imminent Bond summer blockbuster will be a Casino Royale experience at a classified London location, promising glamour, intrigue and colour-coded murder-mystery party-style interactions.But after building an entire 1950s Us town square and a frozen Rebel base – as Secret Cinema previously for its Back to the Future and Empire Strikes Back events – hosting a casino-themed VIP martini party almost seems a little vanilla.

Daniel Craig’s glowering debut as 007 might strike a useful

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