Casting a Casting Director: How Allison Jones Ended Up in Front of the Camera on ‘Barry’ and ‘Curb’

Casting directors typically work offscreen, sifting through dozens, if not hundreds, of self-taped auditions and in-person sessions to find the perfect performers for each pivotal role.

But what if the perfect performer is the casting director? What if they’re asked to act on not one, but two Emmy-nominated HBO comedies? What if, rather than sitting behind a desk, they’re asked to sit behind a desk in front of a camera?Well, if you’re Allison Jones, you do your job — even if its unconventional accompaniments aren’t exactly enticing.“She approached it somewhere between getting a lethal injection and a root canal,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” showrunner Jeff Schaffer said about Jones’ appearance in Season 11.

“She’s like, ‘Really? You don’t need me to do this.’ We’re like, ‘No, no, we do.

We do.’”In her day job, Jones is an industry titan.

She’s responsible

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