Cate Blanchett Actually Conducted An Orchestra In Preparation For Tar

When you are an actor, you end up learning how to do a bunch of different things you never thought you would ever learn.

Well, if you’re a committed actor, that is.

Actors learn how to ride horses, play instruments, make clothes, build furniture, etc.

Whatever the role calls for, they put in the time and effort to research and train to be able to passably simulate them on screen.

In some cases, they actually get really good at what they are asked to do for a role.Cate Blanchett, unsurprisingly, is a committed actor.

Her body of eclectic and full-throated performances is proof positive of that.

Her latest film “TÁR” is no exception.

The Todd Field drama receiving positive reviews on its current film festival circuit run, including from /Film’s own Marshall Shaffer, sees Blanchett taking on the titular role of Lydia Tár, who is a conductor.

As you would probably expect,

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