CBS Adds ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ to Fall Lineup, as Streaming and Cable Help Fill Broadcast Gaps

Star Trek: Discovery” is being beamed into CBS’ fall broadcast lineup.

The sci-fi series, which is currently only available on the CBS All Access streaming service, will air its full first season on CBS starting September 24.CBS, which unveiled a revised fall broadcast lineup Wednesday, billed the impending rollout of “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 1 as a promotional run to lead into the show’s third season, which will launch October 15 exclusively on CBS All Access.

Network executives followed a similar maneuver when “Star Trek: Discovery” first premiered: airing the pilot episode on CBS as a way to funnel prospective viewers to the company’s new streaming service.This decision is likely motivated by other needs.

The news that “Star Trek: Discovery” will run on broadcast is likely part of CBS’ efforts to fill a broadcast lineup that has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, which halted production on numerous shows

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