CBS Clarifies ‘The Good Fight’ Image Featuring the Words ‘Assassinate,’ ‘President,’ and ‘Trump’

Following a tweet that showed an image from “The Good Fight” episode “The One Where Diane Joins the Resistance,” CBS All Access has clarified the contents of said screenshot — namely, a list of “target words” topped by “assassinate,” “president,” and “Trump” (see below).

Sans context, anyone looking would have no way of knowing that they were seeing an Nsa analyst’s finger scrolling through the list, the shot lasts only a moment, and the words that analyst hears don’t actually refer to assassination.“A social media post for “The Good Fight” displayed show content that, when presented in isolation, outside of the context of the show, created an impression and provoked a reaction that was not intended,” CBS said in its statement.“The tweet showed a screengrab from the show’s fictional Nsa office, including a list of standalone ‘target words’ the series’ Nsa characters should look out for

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