‘Central Park’: Loren Bouchard’s Journey from ‘Bob’s Burgers’ to an Epic Musical About Unity

Going from “Bob’s Burgers” to “Central Park” was a great fit for Loren Bouchard.

Drawn to both family stories and songs, it became a natural progression to embrace a Broadway-style animated musical, with co-creator Josh Gad, devoted to the community within Manhattan’s beloved park.

The Apple TV+ series thus contains a sense of spectacle and diversity that work well in animation.“A musical felt like a natural next step for us, and I’m an old fart so talking about trees and flowers and public space also appealed,” Bouchard said.

“The epic scope of it sort of emerged and evolved as we were working on it.

We like telling stories about underdogs who find themselves in a position to save their world.

But with Central Park, that world is pretty big — so the scale keeps creeping up.”Gad serves as the amiable but unreliable narrator Birdie, a busker who

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