Charlize Theron Admits ‘Mad Max’ Set Tension Was Fueled by Lack of Trust in George Miller

Charlize Theron is holding nothing back about the making of “Mad Max: Fury Road” five years after its release.

The Oscar-winning actress took part in a New York Times oral history of the action movie published last week and got honest about fighting with co-star Tom Hardy on set, and now she admits that much of the “Fury Road” set tension was fueled by her own lack of trust in director George Miller.

New York Times reporter Kyle Buchanan recently posted outtakes from the oral history on social media, one of which finds Theron taking part of the blame for creating such a rocky production atmosphere.“We didn’t have a script, let’s start with that,” Theron said about set tension.

“We had pictures.

As an actor, it was so nerve-wracking and every time I sat down with him, I would ask him, ‘Ok, but what happens here?’ He’s the loveliest man,

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