‘Charlotte’ Review: Keira Knightley Voices a Doomed Artist in Lifeless Animated Film About WWII

“Charlotte” is a gentle animated biopic of the German-Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon, murdered at 26 in Auschwitz.

The movie, directed by Eric Warin and Tahir Rana, is very sweet on the surface.

Who doesn’t want to celebrate an undersung artist whose magnum opus, a story told in over 700 paintings bound together in a book, was arguably the world’s first graphic novel?However, this is a regrettable of film: At first, audiences may think “Charlotte” will render Salomon’s boldly expressionistic colors, shapes, and narrative flourishes in animated form.

Perhaps it will be like “Loving Vincent,” but a new take on an artist who deserves more attention rather than another look at the world’s most overexposed painter.Sadly, it is not.

With only the faintest attempts at replicating Salomon’s graphic style, “Charlotte” very much shows its directors’ lack of feature animation directing experience.

The animation on display is stilted and lifeless — simplistic,

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