Charlton Heston Makes a Comeback in This Week’s Catalog VOD Rentals

Until someone decides to follow in the footsteps of Universal’s “Trolls-World-Tour-2020-movie-posters/”>Trolls World Tour,” we are coming to the end of new titles available on premium VOD.

That could mean an uptick in classic films that help us gauge audience interests — or, present a slate of impulse buys for a stir-crazy public.Overall, 10 of the 30 slots this week are taken by Easter-related titles, religious or otherwise — a temporary and expected effect.

At iTunes, apparently Easter also means a resurrection of interest in Mel Gibson’s films, with his Oscar-winner “Braveheart” and Revolutionary War movie “The Patriot” getting rentals.More from IndieWire’Circus of Books’ Trailer: Netflix Doc on Mom and Pop Porn Shop Is a Gay ‘Stories We Tell”The Midnight Gospel’ Review: ‘Adventure Time’ Creator’s Astonishing New Netflix ShowOther perennials continuing to see play are “Contagion” and “The Greatest Showman,” while “Trolls” performed in parallel to its sequel’s premium release.

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