‘Chasing Dream’: Film Review

There’s a bit of everything and most of it works in “Chasing Dream,” the first feature directed by Hong Kong ace Johnnie To since “Three” in 2016.

Far from what fans of To’s hard-boiled crime dramas such as “Drug War” and “Election” might have expected, “Chasing Dream” invokes everything from gritty 1930s Warner Brothers musicals to fizzy screwball rom-coms and “Rocky” as it follows an Mma fighter and an aspiring singer who team up to take on the world and chase the Chinese Dream.

Poking fun at blind ambition and celebrity culture while propelling viewers on a dizzy ride of heightened realism and unabashed melodrama,A box-office disappointment in Mainland cinemas in November, this production from To’s Milkyway Image company could get a new lease of life following its international premiere at the Far East Film Festival in Udine.

It’s not the type of film that made To famous internationally,

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