China Box Office: ‘My People’ and ‘The Captain’ Both Enjoy $100 Million Weekend Scores

Two Chinese films – both patriotic, but of very different genres – dominated the weekend box office in China.

Both scored more than $100 million and extended their already stunning midweek tallies.According to data from Artisan Gateway, Bona Film Group’s “The Captain” (aka “The Chinese Pilot”) earned $103 million, narrowly ahead of the state-backed omnibus film “My People, My Country,” which enjoyed a Friday-Sunday score of $102 million.Both titles had been released on Monday, the day before the Oct.

1 National Day and had built up a head of steam, ahead of Shanghai Film Group’s “The Climbers,” a starry, nationalist tale about climbing Mt.

Everest.After six days on release, “People” had amassed $290 million, while “The Captain” had accumulated $253 million.

Performing less well than anticipated, “The Climbers” ended the long holiday week with $108 million, including $31.3 million over the weekend.“Abominable,” a Chinese-u.S.

co-production between Pearl Studios and Universal, and boasting patriotic Chinese tones of its own,

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