China Box Office: ‘Sacrifice’ Sweeps to $53 Million Opening Weekend

Meeting only minimal resistance, Chinese-made war film “Sacrifice” invaded the box office and secured a quick victory against already battle-weary opponents.The film released on Friday and in three days earned $53.0 million according to data from consultancy firm Artisan Gateway.

It occupied the majority of available theatrical territory and clocked up a per screen average of $422 on Saturday alone.The Artisan Gateway data points to an aggregate weekend gross of $76.9 million.

The running total of $2.10 billion for the year to date is still 75% down on this time last year.Released to coincide with official celebrations that mark China’s role in the Korean War (known in China as The War to Resist U.S.

Aggression and Aid Korea), “Sacrifice” is a tale of courage under fire that focuses on Chinese forces repairing a bridge, while coming under repeated American bombardment.

The narrative very much fits with that of the current

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