China Is Now Using ‘Mulan’ as a Weapon Against Hong Kong Protesters

As Twitter and Facebook took steps earlier this week to mitigate the alleged state-sponsored misinformation campaign against anti-government protesters, many accounts continue to push similar content, with some using Disney’s “Mulan” as a symbol of Chinese strength and loyalty to the state.

Disney is set to release the Niki Caro-directed remake of the animated classic next March.The correlation began after the movie’s Chinese-born star, Yiu Lifei (also known as Crystal Liu), who is an American citizen, voiced support for Hong Kong police on Weibo, the country’s largest social media platform.

The actress shared an image from China’s Communist party newspaper The People’s Daily that read ‘I support the Hong Kong police; you can beat me up now’ in Chinese and ‘What a shame for Hong Kong’ below in English.

Since its posting last week, Liu’s post has been liked over 75,000 times and shared over 65,000 times.

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