China Is Preparing to Re-Open Cinemas

China’s national film administration says that Chinese authorities are actively doing the preparatory work needed to re-open cinemas soon, local reports said Friday.The Securities Times cited a notice from the National Film Administration as saying that the relevant government departments are in the midst of organizing film selections, making hard drives of films to send out, and preparing Dcp keys and release schedules in order to re-open cinemas soon.Release dates must be coordinated nationwide, it noted, without clarifying if cinemas themselves will also be reopening all at once or in a more piecemeal fashion, in accordance with local coronavirus circumstances.“Interstellar” is likely one of the Hollywood titles to hit cinemas in the early days of re-opening.

The official Weibo account of Cj 4DPlex Beijing — the firm behind 4Dx, a 4D augmented reality film format developed by a subsidiary of the major South Korean cinema chain Cj

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