China’s Tencent Confirms Taste for International Film-Making

Tencent Pictures, the film-making arm of Chinese tech giant Tencent, has the potential to be hugely influential on its home turf due to parent company’s domination of social media and gaming.

Tencent’s massive scale – market capitalization over $700 billion makes it one of the world’s largest corporations – means it has the potential for huge overseas impact as well.Recent setbacks at two of its Chinese subsidiaries led to a restructuring of its local film business.

The result of that process was a streamlined strategy and the announcement last week of a bumper slate with 43 film and TV projects.The lineup also appeared to re-confirm the company’s continuing interest in international projects.Most controversially, there’s “Top Gun: Maverick,” which has already made headlines for digitally removing Japanese and Taiwanese flags from the back of Tom Cruise’s flight jacket to appease Chinese censors.

Ironically, the patriotic American

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