Chinese Nationalists Threaten ‘Matrix’ Boycott After Keanu Reeves Backs Tibet

The Matrix Resurrections” has breathed new life into a political debate.On January 27, Chinese nationalists threatened to boycott the fourth installment of the “Matrix” franchise after star Keanu Reeves joined the Tibet House U.S.

Benefit Concert in March.“Resurrections,” which had its U.S.

premiere December 18, has already grossed $12.3 million after a 14-day release in China, according to Endata (via Variety).“How can Keanu Reeves not understand this and take part in a pro-Tibet independence concert?” CHINAD8, an account on Chinese social media site Weibo, posted January 21.

“Aren’t these celebrities afraid of losing the China market?”The backlash from Chinese patriots, who collectively identify as “little pinks,” could potentially impact the box office numbers in China.“The film [‘The Matrix Resurrections’] can be taken down now,” another Weibo user wrote.

“Get out of the Chinese market, thank you.”Reeves joined the virtual pro-Tibet benefit concert, set for March 3, along with artists Patti Smith,

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