Chris Pine Attached To Play Walter Cronkite In JFK Assassination Drama ‘Newsflash’

Exclusive: Chris Pine is attached to play iconic CBS newsman Walter Cronkite in Newsflash.

This is the Ben Jacoby-scripted drama that takes place on November 22, 1963, the day President John F Kennedy was assassinated in Texas.

Similar to the cultural atom-splitting moments captured in films like The Social Network, Newsflash covers the day that television network news came of age, and that Cronkite became the most trusted TV newsman voice of America.

Even if he wasn’t first to announce the president had died (NBC did that).Mark Ruffalo is still attached to play Don Hewitt, who was Cronkite’s producer and helped navigate the chaos in an unimaginably tragic day in America.

The drama is being mobilized for a January start Greg Silverman’s Stampede, with Silverman producing with Adam Kolbrenner.

Jacoby wrote a much admired script called The Ravine, a Chinatown-like look at how landowners were pushed

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