Chris Rock Takes On The ‘Saw’ Franchise In ‘Spiral’, Warner Releases Taylor Sheridan/Angelina Jolie Thriller ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’

The summer movie season continues on its road to recovery and normalcy, with four new wide releases hitting screens.

Still, studios are holding back their big guns for now, as roughly one-third of theaters remain closed and capacity restrictions remain in place at many locations.

The past few months have shown promising box office results from films such as Godzilla vs.

Kong, Mortal Kombat, and Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, but it may still take some time before the box office returns to its former glory, with the major test coming over Memorial Day weekend when Cruella and A Quiet Place Part II face off.Coming in the first place this weekend will likely be Spiral, the ninth entry in the Saw franchise, this time with a new take that puts Chris Rock and Samuel L.

Jackson in the lead roles.

Rock also executive produced and worked on the story for the film,

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