Christian Bale Claims His Pay For American Psycho Was Less Than The Film’s Make-Up Artists

Christian Bale has always had an unnervingly focused commitment to his craft and it’s often helped him as much behind the scenes as it has on-screen.

Back when he was still a struggling actor, he had to take his commitment to frankly unbelievable levels in order to get cast (and then recast) in “American Psycho.”The 2000 adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis’ controversial 1991 novel had been through a shaky development process.

Mary Harron was hired to direct after submitting her script, which itself had to beat out multiple other screenplays, including a version by Ellis.

The Canadian filmmaker then lobbied hard to get Bale cast as Patrick Bateman, the psychotic, murderous yuppie lead.

As Bale recalled in GQ’s character breakdown video series, “She really put herself on the line […] she just said, ‘No, I want Christian’ even though all the financiers were saying we’re going to give you no money.

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