Christopher Eccleston: ‘I don’t watch TV – it’s too hard to suspend disbelief’

In the latest of our series in which artists share their viewing choices, the actor recommends a Japanese animation and an epic Oj Simpson documentaryRead all the other Lockdown watch choicesThe best arts and entertainment during self-isolationI’m self-isolating alone, but, for five nights a fortnight, I have my children, Albert, eight, and Esme, six, to stay.

We just watched a Japanese animation film called The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, which left the three of us completely spellbound, and my son in tears.

It’s based on a 10th-century Japanese folktale called The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, who finds a tiny child in the bamboo who he raises with his wife.

She’s a child of the moon but suffers the heartbreaks of being human, and when she’s called back to the moon, she doesn’t want to leave.

It’s got things in common with Blade Runner.

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