Christopher Nolan Eyes Atomic Bomb WWII Drama, Looking at Studios Outside WB — Report

Christopher Nolan may be returning to World War II territory a la “Dunkirk” for his next movie, the followup to his 2020 espionage thriller “Tenet.” According to Deadline, Nolan’s next film “will focus on a seminal moment in World War II.

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Robert Oppenheimer’s role in the development of the atom bomb during WWII.”The Deadline report adds that Nolan may be looking outside his native Warner Bros., which has previously released films such as “Tenet,” the “Dark Knight” movies, “Inception,” and more to great box-office success.“Here is a bombshell development: while none of Nolan’s recent movies had gone outside Warner Bros, I’m hearing that several of the major studios across town are reading the screenplay and speaking with Nolan and his reps,” Deadline reports.Deadline reports that Cillian Murphy, who starred in the “Dark Knight” films, “Inception,” and the also-wwii-themed “Dunkirk,” is in talks to star.

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