Christopher Nolan on Tackling Batman Before Superhero Films Became ‘Engines of Commerce’

Christopher Nolan’s promotional tour for Tom Shore’s new book “The Nolan Variations” continued this week with a lively virtual discussion presented by 92Y.

The “Tenet” and “Inception” Oscar nominee sat down with Shore and Entertainment Weekly senior writer Clark Collis to chat about what it’s like having his career defined and examined on the page’s of Shore’s book.

Among the chat’s most enlightening moments was when Nolan expressed relief in mounting his “Dark Knight” trilogy when he did.

Batman Begins” went into production in March 2004 and was released the follower year, three years before the McU-launching “Iron Man” and Nolan’s own “The Dark Knight” turned the comic book genre into the studio system’s crown jewel.“It was the right moment in time for the telling of the story I wanted to do,” Nolan said.

“The origin story for Batman had never been

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