Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ Trailer Teases More Time-Twisting Action in Fortnite Debut

Tenet” and “Fortnite” became an unlikely duo Thursday night.Christopher Nolan’s upcoming thriller teased more action and time-bending mystery in a new trailer released in the hugely popular battle royale video game.Not much is known about the film, which is Nolan’s first since 2017’s “Dunkirk.” It follows a group of secret agents who are working to prevent World War III and appear to utilize time-bending abilities in their mission.The trailer showed big action setpieces in several countries, including a Boeing 747 driving through a building in a fiery crash.

Another brand new scene showed an intense shootout in a concert hall full of people who appeared knocked out or asleep.

A couple characters also mentioned saving “people in the future who need us” and how they’ll need to “reverse the flow of time.”John David Washington stars as the film’s unnamed protagonist, and Robert Pattinson,

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