Claire Denis Was Locked in the Trunk of a Car While Directing ‘Stars at Noon’ Scenes

Claire Denis will do anything to get the perfect shot.

From braving freezing water to film an underwater scene in “Both Sides of the Blade” on an iPhone to directing actors from cramped spaces, the “Stars at Noon” director is a powerful force on set, according to lead star Joe Alwyn.“Everyone was brilliant, but Claire was at the helm of it,” actor Alwyn told Deadline.

“Seeing the way that she worked out how to work, and what she wanted, how she communicated with the heads of department around her, and how she functioned, was amazing.”“The Stars at Noon” debuts in competition at Cannes later this week, Denis’ first film in the main competition since 1988’s “Chocolat.” Alwyn stars as a mysterious English businessman who meets an American journalist, played by Margaret Qualley, while reporting on the Nicaraguan Revolution in 1984.

Based on Denis Johnson’s novel “The Stars at Noon,

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