Climax review – bad trip at the danse macabre

A troupe of young dancers is sucked into an LSD-induced hell in Gaspar Noé’s latest grand guignol vision“It’s a nightmare!” Gaspar Noé’s latest is a typically confrontational cocktail of music and horror; a trance-like stew of contorting, krumping, waacking weirdness that drops on its audience like the bucket of blood from Carrie.

It’s purportedly based on the true story of a dance troupe’s descent into drug-addled delirium, although the result looks like it was torn straight from Noé’s twisted cinematic imagination.As always, he’s out to provoke, with gleeful teaser posters screaming: “You despised I Stand Alone, you hated Irréversible, you loathed Enter the Void, you cursed Love, now try Climax”, accompanied by an image of the Argentina-born, Paris-based director raising a glass with a demonic grin.

But the element of dance brings something new to Noé’s somewhat jaded palette – a

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