Clint Eastwood Called This Western “The Worst Movie Ever Made”

Clint Eastwood is an undisputed living legend in Hollywood.

Over the course of nearly 70 years, Eastwood has built an award-winning array of performances and directorial efforts that only a handful of his peers have come close to.

And at 93, the man is still working, with the upcoming Juror #2, which he is directing, rumored to be Eastwood’s last (although it would likely surprise no one if he picked up another “final” project).

Yet like every other Hollywood actor, Eastwood has made appearances in films that are either great, like Unforgiven, or…

not so much, like Ambush at Cimarron Pass, a film that Eastwood himself claims to be the worst film ever made.

Not only the worst film, but one that had him convinced that his days as an actor were through.

But is it really the worst, or, more specifically, even his worst? Let’s take a look.

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