Clue’s Alternate Endings: The Untold Story

The 1985 film Clue is probably the best board-to-screen adaptation ever made, not that there’s much competition.

This uniqueness is what makes it significant, though.

The film brilliantly uses trademarks of the board game it was based on, including but not limited to the film’s multiple endings.

Any board game connoisseur knows that Clue the game can end with any of the seven characters as the murderer.

Thus, Clue the movie depicts several somewhat infamous alternate endings.

The theatrical run of the film saw each screening with a different alternate ending.

Clue’s box office failure is usually attributed to this stunt, but, since the DVD, television and streaming versions all contain a clever edit of all three endings, the film has enjoyed a successful second life, and is often referred to as a cult classic.

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