Cobra Kai Is the Best Show Where Nothing Happens

Karate enthusiasts all over the world had to use their wax-on-wax-off abilities this year to wipe away their tears.

The news that the upcoming sixth season of Cobra Kai will be the show’s last hit fans like a crane kick to the nose.

After all, Cobra Kai is by far one of the best action series currently on air, and there has certainly been a lot of teasing about future seasons and new expansions to the so-called Miyagiverse.

The story of the rivalry-turned-contentious-friendship between Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio), Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), and their pupils seems full of endless possibilities.

A lot has happened so far in the fight between the Miyagi-Do and the Cobra Kai dojos, and a lot could still happen if the show was renewed for just a few more seasons.

Or, well, maybe not.

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