Cole Escola on Channeling Kathy Bates in ‘Misery’ and Susan Sarandon for Their ‘Search Party’ Debut

Cole Escola’s favorite movie character as a kid was Mrs.


At five years old, their attachment to the jaunty housekeeper for the Beast’s lair in the 1991 animated classic “Beauty and the Beast” might explain their affinity for playing older women, whether as unhinged homemaker Chassie Tucker in “At Home with Amy Sedaris” or as Chip — née “the Twink” — in the latest season of the HBO Max millennial satire “Search Party.” Well, sort of, as Chip is actually just a psychotic 30-something heir cross-dressing as his wealthy aunt Lyla (Susan Sarandon), and keeping celebrity murderess Dory (Alia Shawkat) trapped in a padded basement.

Think of the scenario as “Misery” meets “Room,” with a dash of “Psycho” for good measure.“It’s funny because now I am getting older, [and] the women that I like to play aren’t really — so slowly the ‘older’ is going to be taken away

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