Colin Farrell Tried To Talk His Way Out Of Martin McDonagh’s In Bruges

Colin Farrell has the Brad Pitt curse; he has the talent of a character actor but he’s too hot to be anything but a leading man.

As such, Hollywood didn’t quite know what to do with him during his breakout in the 2000s.I’d point to two directors who best understand how to use Farrell.

First, there’s the man who discovered him: Joel Schumacher.

In their second collaboration, “Phone Booth,” Farrell played Stu Shepard, a sleazy PR operative who has to confront his sins.

Some early proof he was more than just a pretty boy.Then there’s Martin McDonagh, director of “In Bruges” which is, for my money, still Farrell’s best movie.

When I watched Farrell play Ray, a fledgling hitman hiding out in Belgium after a job gone wrong, I realized what a great, and hilarious, actor he can be.

The resulting story is the funniest movie ever made

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