‘Collective’ Director Alexander Nanau on How He Followed the Story of Investigative Journalism and Political Corruption

Romania’s official Oscar entry for international feature, “Collective,” marks the first time the country has submitted a documentary to the Oscars.Alexander Nanau’s story follows the 2015 fire at the Colectiv nightclub which killed 64 people and injured hundreds.

Released on-demand Nov.

20 and in select theaters, Nanau’s trail takes him from the deadly fire to a healthcare crisis to the heart of political corruption within the Romanian government.Nanau talked to Variety about how he pieced the documentary together and gathered interviews with whistleblowers as journalists uncover a scandal that rocked a country.How soon after the Colectiv nightclub fire in 2015 did you have the idea for the film?Oh, I didn’t.

I was interested in understanding what’s going on because demonstrations had erupted, and there was a message by the younger generation of “Corruption Kills” that wanted to force the political class to reform.

There was

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