Community Created Web-Only Episodes That Even Fans Might Have Missed

If you’re a fan of “Community,” you might often find yourself disheartened by how there are only 110 episodes of the show.

That might sound like a lot, but 13 of those episodes were part of the Gas Leak Season (otherwise known as season 4), and the final 20 episodes or so don’t include Troy.

On the same note, the final 13 episodes don’t include Shirley, and Pierce is gone for most of the final 30.

Add on the fact that the show didn’t truly find its footing until about 10 episodes in, and the number of golden era “Community” episodes is depressingly slim.Luckily, there are some bonus episodes you might not have known about it.

They’re not as long as a typical 22-minute sitcom episode, but they’re still fun little additions to the show that you’d never get to see if you only binged “Community” on Netflix.

They vary a ton in terms of tone,

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